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A Reliable Audio Conferencing Solution

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How it Works

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SuperConference Advantages

SuperConference is an audio conferencing solution that is provided by Knowlarity.

A technology that bridges upto 10 people at a time,each call is secured by a unique pin.

  • Reliable Conferencing System
  • Secure Conversation with Unique Pin
  • Call Recording after Call
  • Connectivity without Internet
  • Upto 10 Members
  • High Voice Quality
  • Conference Calling 24/7
  • Available all across the Country

Frequently Asked Questions

Audio conferencing is a facility where multiple callers are bridged together for a conversation on a phone call.

Audio conferencing is for everyone. Whether you need to talk to multiple friends to make a plan, or reconcile on something with your team - audio conferencing is the right choice.

A dial-in is a common phone number which bridges all the participants of the call together. The participants call the dial-in number and then enter the pin.

SuperConference supports upto 10 participants.

The person needs to call the dial-in number and then enter the pin when prompted, after which he will be immediately become a part of the conference call.

You can hold unlimited conference calls in a day. There is no restriction.

At the end of every call, you will receive a link to the recording of the call via SMS automatically. All you need to do is hit the link to download the recording.

Yes, international participants can participate in the call. There are two conditions:

  • ISD calling should be activated in your SIM Settings
  • You should dial the number with ‘+91’ as the prefix.

Yes, there is a limit on the length of the conference call. It automatically disconnects after 3 hours. However, everyone can call the dial-in again and join the conference - it can again go up to 3 hours.

SuperConference is an audio-conferencing facility. It doesn’t support video conferencing.

Using your phone, you need to have the contact details of all the person to be added in the conference. In addition, you can only add them one by one and could be charged for multiple calls by operator. Even if the other person calls you, you still have to put others on hold to add him/her.

In addition to eliminating all of these hassles, you also get the call recording at your convenience, even if you get dropped out of the call by mistake. Also, you can add upto 10 people in SuperConference, while only 5 people can be added in a normal conference call.

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Give a missed call to
 INDIA 1800-1020-340
  •  INDIA 1800-1020-340
  •  DUBAI/UAE +971-455-08-331
to get your conferencing number now!
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